If you are Using Gazelle to sell Electronics Online You Would Like To Know This

If you are Using Gazelle to sell Electronics Online You Would Like To Know This

When you want to sell electronics online, one of the biggest challenges is to actually find the right place on which you can do that. There are a few different marketplaces options out there and, of course, there is always the option of starting your own website, and figuring out which is the right choice can be hard. To help you out, today we will discuss Gazelle, a buy-back platform that is perfect for selling electronics such as phones, tablets, laptops and so on, and we will take a look at some of the pros and cons of Gazelle.

It is great for making money fast

One of the best things about Gazelle is that once you post something, it will only the site about a minute or so to let you know if they will buy your stuff or not. If they do decide to buy your electronics, then they will immediately pay you, either via Amazon Gift Card or even check, depending on what option will suit you the best.

They even accept broken items

This is another great thing that is pretty hard to get on other marketplaces. While you can still post broken devices on eBay when you sell electronics online, the fact is that it will be much difficult to sell them in that kind of condition. Gazelle does often accept electronics that are broken, which is a great way for you to get rid of them while still making money, and the offers are valid for 30 days.

They don’t always accept every kind of device

This is probably the biggest down side of this website, and that is the fact that they don’t always accept every single kind of device that you are looking to sell. At the moment, they only accept things like smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops, so if you want to sell, for example, CDs or old video games, or even video consoles, then you need to look for another place.

Sometimes, they can change their mind

Another pretty bad thing is the fact that, most of the time, even after it is shipped, the item can then be rejected or they can decide to change the amounted that they quoted you. Of course, if you don’t like the change and you don’t agree to it, then you can simply have them ship the item back to you, but you will still be left with the item and you will have to find another place to sell it.

Whether Gazelle is the right website on which you should sell electronics online, it will ultimately be for you to decide, but it is definitely a pretty good contender. Take a look at the pros and cons that we have provided you above, and weigh your options and you will be able to make the right decision for you.

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